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Avoid Unhealthy Summer Slim-Downs

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According to many health professionals, spring is the best time of year to lose weight. Changes in your body and mind as well as environmental changes like longer days and warmer temperatures create optimal weight loss conditions. The strange circumstances of 2020 have changed many people’s routines. We spent the best days of spring staying indoors and may have snacked too much or drank too much, and our bodies and minds suffered.

As many states reopen for business and social activities, you may feel the urgent need to get back in shape. Don’t be tempted to take drastic measures to lose weight—many dieting options can hinder healthy weight loss and even damage the immune system.

7 Tips to Stay Healthy While Losing Weight

1.    Eat when you’re hungry, eat slowly, and stop eating when you’re satisfied.

Following a diet plan can hinder your healthy weight loss if you force yourself to eat too much or too little.

2.    Eat real foods for snacks and meals.

Meal plans that replace meals with shakes and smoothies should be used with caution. Many of these products contain large amounts of sugar.

3.    Eat a variety of foods.

Many trendy diets and meal plans feature repetitive eating schedules. This can result in boredom but may also require supplements that aren’t taken in through a varied diet.

4.    Track your food using an app or notebook.

Diets that cut out certain foods completely, like ketogenic or vegan diets can result in significant vitamin deficiencies and weight gain if done improperly.

5.    Exercise the whole body.

Exercising only one muscle group in hopes of seeing progress there can hinder weight loss overall. Many make the mistake of working only the abs to achieve “a 6 pack”, never to achieve it because the body fat percentage is too high.

6.    Drink water!

Many workout plans include coffees, shakes, smoothies, juices, and more. These have hidden sugars and chemicals that can affect digestion, but also can result in decreased water intake.

7.    Tell your friends.

Tell the people around you that you’re making changes and setting goals. Ask your closest friends and family to help hold you accountable.

If you feel bombarded with summer plans and expectations, don’t get caught up in a scam, an unhealthy diet, or other gimmick that may put your physical or mental health at risk. There are a variety of products sold by MLM or multi-level marketing companies that purport miracle results. There are kits you can get at supplement stores that will easily cost $100 or more. There are even medical weight loss “deals” each spring and summer that will produce results if taken according to instruction. Just because you see results does not mean it is a healthy method for weight loss. Before starting an extreme weight loss or exercise program, make sure to consult your physician.