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Can I Get a Discount on Vaccines with My Card?

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In short—yes; our Prescription Discount Card can be used to save money on vaccines, in addition to thousands of brand name and generic prescriptions. 

For families with children in school, vaccinations may be a requirement. According to WebMD, elementary school children are sick an average of 6 to 12 times each school year. For older kids, it’s about half that. Getting a flu shot may help reduce the number of these cases each year. 

Some states may offer free vaccinations at local clinics. For those who do not have this option—especially families without insurance—our card can make a big difference in savings. Below are some testimonials from pharmacies that have helped their consumers.

“The BuzzRx card is awesome! Covers a typhoid vaccine that no other card covers. Brought the price down from $60 to $52 and our customers that needed it were very happy.” 
-Zena, Pharmacy Employee

“A student needed a meningitis vaccine, currently priced at $179.99; after using the card, she saved $51.00. That’s Fantastic!” 
– T. Thompson, Pharmacy Employee

In addition to schools, some institutions and visa applications for international travel require vaccinations; however, the out-of-pocket cost can be extremely high. For example, Hepatitis A (often required for travel to Southeast Asia, India, and other places) is a 2-series shot at over $100 each dose. 

How Important Are Vaccinations?

While getting a vaccine is never mandatory, it can save lives without risk. Not only may recommended immunizations keep you and your family safe, they may also protect those around you by creating community/herd immunity. Community immunity decreases the number of potential carriers of an illness, meaning the germs cannot travel as far and the members of the community are not as likely to get sick. This is especially important because some people with certain diseases (such as people who have cancer, HIV/AIDS, type 1 diabetes, and more) cannot be vaccinated and must rely on community immunity to ensure they don’t get sick. Vaccines for measles, polio, flu, or a rarer immunization may prevent the need for more costly medications and treatments in the future.

Whether you’re trying to save money on your annual flu vaccine, or an expensive vaccination required for international travel, use our Drug Search Tool to look up the discounted price with our card in your area. Simply enter the vaccine name and your zip code to find the lowest price at a pharmacy near you.