How the BuzzRx Prescription Discount Card Works

How Our Discount Card Works

Free Prescription Discount Card


Choose to print, text, mail, or email your FREE Rx Discount Card. Request savings card here!

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Save up to 80% on prescriptions when you present your FREE BuzzRx® discount card to participating pharmacies.

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Accepted at over 60,000 participating pharmacies, including:

What Our Customers Are Saying

I went to pick up my wife's prescription for a 3 month supply of nasal spray. The pharmacy tech stated it was going to be $179.99. I was about to walk away when I remembered BuzzRx. The price went down to $48.00—a savings of $132! WOW!
PAUL, Cardholder
I was able to give an uninsured customer a blood thinner that's normally $150 for about $13. He is not old enough for Medicare and can't qualify for Medicaid, but needs these meds to live. It made his month!
T.J., Pharmacy Technician
I was thrilled to learn my antidepressant medication went from $45 to $27 with your card! That's a lot of money! It will help me pay for things I need like food and gas. When you're a senior citizen, it's not always so easy. Thank you!
CHARLENE, Cardholder
I’m a diabetic, and I would have paid over $100 with my insurance for a prescription that helps the neuropathic pain in my legs and feet. I didn’t have the money, but then I remembered the card. The price came down to $17 and I got my medicine that day!
JOEANN, Cardholder
I visited my pharmacy to get my dog's prescription filled, which is hard to get, and the pharmacist tried multiple discount cards including BuzzRx, GoodRx, Singlecare, and AARP and BuzzRx had the best pricing of them all. I was able to save nearly 50% on my dog's prescription, originally $50, down to $26 with the BuzzRx discount card.
SANDI, Cardholder