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I wish to give back to Save A Lab Rescue

Charlie, 11
renal failure

Charlie is an 11-year-old with a heart of gold. Charlie has had his share of hard times, spending the first eight years of his life in China with untreated kidney and urological problems. In 2017 he was adopted by his wonderful mother, Nancy. "I decided to adopt Charlie and give him a chance at a better life," Nancy recalls.

Charlie spent the next year driving to and from weekly doctor appointments and medical tests. However, Charlie had his dog and best friend Monceaux by his side through all these challenging times to make his days a little brighter.
When the time came for Charlie to think about what would make him the happiest and what wish Make-A-Wish® could grant for him, Charlie thought about video games and adventures, but then, he decided...Charlie wanted to give back. Charlie has always known that his dog Monceaux had come from a nonprofit in Rhode Island that saves labs from high-kill shelters down south. Charlie wanted to give back by donating money to Save A Lab Rescue so that others just like him could find their very own best friend.

The day of Charlie's wish was a day of excitement. Charlie, his mother, his five siblings, and of course his best friend Monceaux all piled into a limo and set off to Save A Lab Rescue in Natick, RI. To Charlie and his family's surprise, New Hampshire State Police were waiting to escort Charlie's limo on his special day. Getting Massachusetts and Rhode Island State Police involved as well, Charlie's family was escorted all the way to the party waiting for him in RI. All wish kids deserve a little extra special treatment.

Charlie spent the rest of the day eating doughnuts, playing with rescue dogs, and of course presenting Save A Lab Rescue with a check for $5,000, saying, "I want this to help billions of dogs!" Wish children like Charlie are incredible and extraordinary. Using their wish to make the world a better place, giving back to others—what a remarkable kid.

maw charlie

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Save up to 80% on your prescriptions
and help grant wishes in your community!

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