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I wish to go on a shopping spree

Marcus, 13
blood disorder

Marcus, from Magnolia, Mississippi, was diagnosed with a hematological condition at birth and though stable now, he requires close monitoring, regular doctor visits, blood transfusions and daily medication to manage. In addition, he has recovered from a stroke and other health obstacles, requiring him to be on oxygen. Despite the difficult journey, his spirits always remained high, and his smile brighter than ever. When wish granters met Marcus to learn what his one true wish might be, he shared his love of video games, especially Pokémon. Marcus decided that a shopping spree was the perfect wish to get a new gaming console with games and other items that he wanted to buy.

Make-A-Wish® volunteers teamed up with Watertree Health® and Outlets of Mississippi to create a one-of-a-kind shopping experience for Marcus. The wish was planned on July 25th, to surprise him with the theme of “Christmas in July”.

When he arrived in his white stretch Hummer limo, he walked right into a very warm winter wonderland. There were snow machines, a fully-costumed Santa Claus, Christmas decorations, and Make-A-Wish supporters in elf hats.
When Marcus walked down the red carpet with his family towards the Christmas-themed food court, the biggest smile filled his face. Once inside, he saw a small Christmas tree overflowing with presents underneath.
As a special gift for Marcus, Watertree Health® provided a new gaming headset to go along with all the new games he was about to purchase. He also received other Pokémon-themed gifts, including a custom Pokémon trainer hat with his name embroidered on one side. The Outlets of Mississippi also provided gifts for Marcus & his brother, Zachary. Everyone wore shirts depicting Marcus as a Pokémon trainer that read, “Gotta Catch ‘Em All.”
The employees at The Outlets went above and beyond to make Marcus’ wish one he would never forget. One of the stores had a person dancing in a dinosaur costume that made everyone laugh, and all the employees dressed in elf costumes. In another store, he was greeted with football-themed cupcakes, custom sneakers, and a custom track suit. Marcus also generously bought gifts for his entire family on the shopping spree.
Thanks to everyone that participated in Marcus’ wish, it was a day that he’ll never forget. 

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Save up to 80% on your prescriptions
and help grant wishes in your community!

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