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I wish to be an ice cream man

Wyatt, 5

Wyatt is a five-year-old boy who loves PAW Patrol, giraffes, being with friends, and ice cream! Sadly, Wyatt and his family’s life was turned upside down when he was diagnosed with leukemia in 2016. After enduring countless medical appointments, hospital stays, and chemotherapy sessions, they learned that Make-A-Wish® Central & Northern Florida would be granting Wyatt’s one true wish!

Brittany, Wyatt’s mom, was more than ready to see her son smile again. "It's been a tough time, but he's such a strong little boy."

When Make-A-Wish volunteers asked what he wished for, his response left a heartwarming impression: To be an ice cream man so he could share his love for ice cream with his friends and family—but it couldn’t be too expensive.

On November 19, Wyatt’s wish came true with help from Jerry, who owns an ice cream truck, and a crowd of cheering reps from Watertree Health—the corporate sponsor for this wish.
The day started with the ice cream truck arriving at Wyatt’s house, the classic jingle playing throughout the neighborhood. After driving the truck around, Wyatt and Jerry continued their journey to an excited crowd of customers holding signs and cheering at Max K. Rodes park in West Melbourne, FL. They couldn't wait to cool down with some delicious ice cream on the beautiful, sunny day. Wyatt's ice cream truck was open for business.
The truck even had its very own “Wyatt’s Ice Cream” logo featuring Wyatt and his favorite animal, a giraffe. Folks lined up as he served customers their ice cream of choice. Wyatt’s younger brother Chase also helped wait on the eager crowd.
After people had their share, Watertree Health President Shane Power, and Sales Directors Trina and Eric surprised Wyatt and his younger brother Chase with their favorite stuffed animals. Wyatt got a 4-foot giraffe that towered over him and his brother received a silly green crocodile.
Wyatt’s wish was Watertree Health’s 50th wish granted regionally for the Central and Northern Florida Make-A-Wish chapter and 300th wish granted nationally.
This was one day Wyatt, his family, and his new friends at Watertree Health will never forget.


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Save up to 80% on your prescriptions
and help grant wishes in your community!

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