Chlorhexidine Gluconate

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Harshi Dhingra, M.D.

Last Reviewed: Jul 11, 2022

Drug Details

Common Brands:

Peridex, PerioGard, Paroex


Prescription only

Therapeutic Class:

Antiseptic (disinfectant)


Oral rinse


Swish and spit

Therapeutic Uses:


Controlled Status:

Not a controlled substance

Chlorhexidine Drug Class

Chlorhexidine (klawr-hex-suh-deen) is an antiseptic (disinfectant) oral rinse.

Chlorhexidine Age Range

Chlorhexidine is approved for use in adults. The use of chlorhexidine gluconate in children 18 years of age and younger should be determined by a dentist or medical doctor.