Medically Reviewed by HaVy Ngo, Pharm.D.

Last Reviewed: Jun 10, 2022

Pharmacist Tips

Azithromycin tips from pharmacists:

  • Do not take aluminum-containing antacids 2 hours before or after the dose of the immediate-release azithromycin. However, extended-release azithromycin can be taken any time regardless of antacids. 
  • Azithromycin can be taken with or without food. If you experience stomach upset and diarrhea, taking this medication with food can alleviate this problem. 
  • Taking probiotics can help with diarrhea. Separate probiotics from azithromycin for at least one hour so azithromycin does not get rid of the “good” bacteria provided by probiotics. Continue probiotics for a few days after the last dose of azithromycin. 
  • For the liquid form, make sure you shake the bottle well before measuring the dose. Use a medication syringe or dose cup to measure the dose to ensure dosing accuracy. Household teaspoons or tablespoons may give you inaccurate doses of the medication.
  • Immediate-release liquid azithromycin can be stored in the refrigerator for better taste. However, keep in mind that the extended-release liquid azithromycin must not be stored in the refrigerator.
  • Finish the whole course of azithromycin even if you feel better. This will prevent you from having antibiotic-resistant infections in the future.
  • If you are being treated for a sexually-transmitted infection, your sexual partner(s) must be treated as well to prevent you from being reinfected. Expedited partner therapy is available in some states; this allows you to ask your doctor for a prescription for your partner(s) without them being there. You should ask your doctor if this is an option for you and your partner(s).